Spatial Humanities 2024

We are delighted to announce that the 5th Spatial Humanities conference will be held in Bamberg on September 25th to 27th 2024.

Carmen Enss and Klaus Stein
on behalf of the local organisation committee


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Spatial Humanities 2024 is concerned with geospatial technologies, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and what they have to contribute to humanities research. The main aim is to explore and demonstrate the contributions to knowledge enabled by these technologies, approaches and methods within and beyond the digital humanities.

This year the conference will take place in Bamberg, Germany, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accordingly, the conference will feature a special session with a  focus on Spatial Humanities and Heritage.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s keynote speakers will be Francesca Ammon (University of Pennsylvania) and Ross Purves (University of Zurich).